Bowich Organic Sandwiches and Salads

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The best things on sliced bread

the best things on sliced bread

Bowich gourmet sandwiches are the best things on sliced bread. Sourced, tried and tasted from mostly local, organic suppliers that share our passion for good, honest food that honestly tastes better.

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created by nature, prepared by us

created by nature, prepared by us

The only funny things you'll find on a Bowich menu are the occasional attempts at humour. Each day we hand make your sandwiches to order with ingredients that have been looked after with the same standards of care and attention that go into creating each Bowich.

nothing old not even the jokes

nothing old, not even the waiters

And when we say fresh we don't mean "fresh last week", "fresh 3 days ago", we mean fresh from the garden, oven, stove, mortar and pestle and straight onto a sandwich - that's fresh. Which also means what we don't use on the day, we don't use at all - giving anything that's left to the occasional hungry friend.